Anschutz 520/61 makeover

New project on the go is this Anschutz 520/61. Currently in pieces for a complete makeover. It came to me in good nick but in need of a tidy up.

If I don’t hold it for this image, it would drop to bits. That’s where we are right now.

Stripped receiver and fore-end.

Receiver all stripped down. Not sure what finish we’ll use yet. I want to use some creativity on this gun.

Receiver again.

Vomit! Orange varnish and nasty chequering that both need to go. Watch this space!

Way to go, Dillon!

I’d like to thank Dillon Precision Products, Inc in the US for their outstanding customer service.

My XL650 turned out to have a badly bent failsafe return bracket, when I finally got to putting the kit together.

Oops, oh dear.

I e-mailed Dillon and they were back within 24 hours, no questions asked, “we’re sending you a new part right away”.

Loosening the blue wingnut to remove my temporarily repaired bracket. The only way to get it back into shape was to apply a good deal of heat and some careful pressure.


There we go, it’s free. Just push down on the bushing once you’ve loosened the wingnut enough and the failsafe rod assembly swings out of the way.

The nice new bracket, which arrived in record time from the US.

Old and new together. Nuff said.

Securing the two hex screws that secure the bracket.

Looking OK again!

Dillon toolhead rack

Here’s a really tidy little invention from Kinetic Arc Metalworks LLC in the US. A Dillon toolhead holder with five stations, each with slots for the spare dies and other gizmos you need to swap out when changing over.

All beautifully CNC-machined and powder-coated, it’s bigger than you might expect but it’s sooo handy at keeping the benchtop clutter down.

The item below was a surprise freebie with the toolhead rack; storage for spare primer tubes. No more faffing about; once you have them loaded up, there they wait until the low primer beep goes off. Then you’re right back in business.

Six strings

Another of my interests is classical guitar.

I’ve played on and off since I was 18, but was trying to teach myself from a book and always stalled at about the same level. The longest “off” was 20 years!

I thought it might be interesting to post occasionally about what I’m working on or maybe the odd video.

Workshop revamp done

It’s taken months longer than I had expected, largely because of the joiner, who seemed to vanish every time I needed something doing. That sentenced the household to many weeks of my crap all over the hall, kitchen and living room. But it’s finally done.

I’ve quadrupled the storage space, de-cluttered a lot and sold off all the reloading stock. Amazingly, I am forced to concede that more space would still be nice.

I can remember naively asking on a forum when I first began, “how much space do I need for a reloading setup?” The reply was a withering, “twice as much as you originally thought!”

Welcome to the JDR blog…

Strange to say, for someone whose background is in text work of various kinds, but this is my first foray into the world of online blogging.

What I’ll be talking about, I don’t know, but this is going to be as much a personal page as a business one. It might be interesting to lift the lid on what being an RFD in the United Kingdom is like and show various projects as they crop up.

I hope you’ll find the content entertaining and perhaps useful. Let’s see…