Kral Puncher Breaker 22 air rifle (FAC version)

A quick look at two of the Kral Puncher Breaker range…

And some stills:

Walnut blued (top) and Marine synthetic (bottom). These are excellent value guns and come with two mags each, a single-shot adapter, a built-in scope rail and (in the synthetic stocks) a storage space for the second mag.

The Marine variant with synthetic stock. This was the one I went for. It has a slightly shorter and more curved stock and I found it much easier to set up a scope the way I wanted.

Walnut blued variant. These air rifles are pretty much half the price of competing bullpup guns and yet the quality is excellent. The walnut is good quality with a sculpted and slightly futuristic look.

The Marine with a scope on top of a riser and a torch attached for night shooting.

DSX video


This went up a while back, but is our latest video to date, so adding it on here.

I’ve used this stuff extensively and can vouch for it working very well indeed. It’s the most unassuming product to look at (and smells faintly like PVA glue) but it cuts down friction and works brilliantly under heat and pressure.

DSX extreme presssure lubes

There’s a whole range of DSX products using the fluoroplymer particulate technology; everything from engine additive (try it – it works!) to surface protectant, marine/automotive wax, compressor lube and cutting oil.

A mate of mine who offers engine mapping, custom builds and custom exhausts was having hassles with his pipe forming machine. Every time they needed to curve some stainless steel exhaust, striations would appear that took hours of buffing to remove:

So we got to work with some DSX grease. Two minutes after rubbing DSX into the forming dies, this was the result on a fresh piece of tube:

Here’s two images with the two together (you can click the images to enlarge them):

One very relieved Adam:


DSX is nothing to do with Teflon. Teflon particles are jagged-edged and lock together to form a coating. The particles in DSX are 500 times smaller and smooth.  They don’t coat, they penetrate, infilling the tiniest nooks and crannies and then stay there permanently. 

DSX’s little particles are spherical and about the size of your average virus, so very small indeed. Check out the video and see.