Sheridan “Cowboy” .177 pellet/BB revolver

I’d like to show you this great little airgun from Crosman – the Sheridan Cowboy:

It’s designed to look like an 1858 Remington revolver which was of course a muzzle-loader. This one copies the later cartridge-converted variants on those guns.

The size and weight are quite a surprise when you get it in your hands. It’s not light and tinny as you might expect.

It has a Peacemaker-style loading gate and takes six dummy cartridges, each with a pellet or BB.

This is how you load the dummy shells.

Pop them in with the hammer at half-cock and you’re good to go.

A very nice touch is this little under-frame safety catch. Red means ready to fire.

A CO2 bulb is loaded via the left-hand grip and an L-shaped hex key is included to make life a bit easier.

It even comes to bits like the real thing. The ramrod under the barrel isn’t moveable, but the pistol has an ejector rod.

Totally authentic-looking from the outside, the cylinder is actually hollowed out, so no danger of it being converted illegally.

The end of the barrel shows imitation rifling.


Shoots pellets or BBs. A total of twelve shells are included (six for pellets and six for BBs), plus instructions.

These are terrific back-garden plinkers and very satisfying to use. The grip is a lot larger than you might expect but that makes a very comfortable fit for adults at least.

The trigger breaks at about 4lb.

Now selling Dillon presses & accessories plus Mr Bulletfeeder

Good news for fans of progressive reloading: we’re now selling Dillon equipment and the Mr Bulletfeeder range.

If you’ve ever wondered about the convenience and ease of cranking out ammo to your chosen spec, then this brand definitely warrants checking out.

It’s a good idea, if you’ve not loaded much before, to come to progressive loading after a bit of time spent on single-stage or turret press work. That will provide you with the basics needed to move on to these more complex machines.

There is something pleasurable about setting one of these machines up. They actually look quite scarily complicated, but the step-by-step instructions make it dead easy if you follow them carefully.

There’s a variety of machines and setups to suit differing needs and budgets. These range from the Square Deal B machines, through the RL550s and excellent XL650s, all the way to the Super 1050s, which can chuck out over 1,000 rounds per hour!

Personally, I have been pleasantly surprised by the consistency and quality of ammo my machine produces. You wouldn’t think something so complex could turn out such accurate results, but they do and they’re worth the time and investment.

The Mr Bulletfeeder setup is an aftermarket line of gear intended to take the one remaining nuisance step out of progressive loading: adding the bullets by hand. These devices drop the bullets into place so all you need do is pull the handle.

There’s even a fully automated add-on for those who want to phone in their reloading and go make a cuppa.  The Mark 7 Autodrive (made for the XL650 and Super 1050 presses) is for serious ammo makers and clubs. These machines automate the whole process.

Whatever you end up buying, you won’t be disappointed. The Dillon range has been perfected over decades and is now the last word in quality progressive loading.

Get yourself a kit and start cranking them out!

To make an enquiry, please mail me on: