DSX synthetic grease 1/4 oz

DSX synthetic grease 1/4 oz
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DSX grease is a blend of synthetic lubricants, polyol and submicron fluoropolymer particles that embed in (and not on) the bearing surfaces in mechanical systems. DSX grease will continue to provide long-lasting wear protection at high pressures and high speeds.

For firearms, use it on barrels, frames, slides, magazine and mag well, bolts, and chambers. DSX will prevent stoppages and make it easier for cases to be extracted smoothly.

For vehicles, DSX grease can be applied to connecting rods, main bearings, camshafts, valve lifters, guides, rocker arms, pivots. It can also be used in gearboxes, differentials and wheel bearings.

DSX grease has been tested using ASTM D-2596, Measurement of Extreme Pressure Properties of Lubricating Greases (four-ball method) by the FALEX Corp of Illinois, USA.

The testing device is operated with one steel ball under load rotating against three other steel balls that are held stationary in a cradle. The rotating speed was 1770 rpm +/- 60 rpm.

According to this testing method, lubricating greases are subjected to a series of tests, each with a duration of ten seconds at increasing loads until welding (seizure) occurs.

For DSX grease, the load was increased to 800 Kg (the limit of the machine) with no weld. The scar diameter was a very small 2.5mm.

DSX grease will blend with all motor oils (petroleum or synthetic).


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