DSX extreme pressure synthetic lube 1 oz

DSX extreme pressure synthetic lube 1 oz
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Revolutionary fluoropolymer friction modifiers with multiple applications.

DSX Products were originally developed to solve problems encountered in equipment operation during the first Gulf War. The problems involved sand, grit and dust combined with extreme temperature changes affecting operating equipment and weapons.

DSX Products have emerged as America’s answer to environmentally safe, next-century technology for machinery and equipment. It reduces friction and wear, thereby extending engine and parts life.

Using DSX products reduces emissions and helps conserve energy, visible in the case of vehicles from improved fuel usage and better mpg.

DSX products stood up to the extreme temperatures and extreme conditions during combat in Afghanistan. The American military tested DSX on 200 combat patrols and with this new lube there were none of the usual weapons stoppages.

Once rubbed into the host surface, DSX is dry to the touch and does not attract dirt or grit.

DSX Products have a temperature range of -73 °C to 399 °C and can therefore help prevent cartridge cases from sticking in chambers.


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