Stainless steel pin media 1 kg

Stainless steel pin media 1 kg
Stainless steel pin media 1 kg Stainless steel pin media 1 kg
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Product code: JDXSSM2
Weight: 1.2 kg
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These smaller bags weigh just over two pounds (or 1 kg), and can be used to top up missing pins for your Rebel 17 tumbler or other rotary-type tumbling machine. Most usually used in water with detergent (adding washing liquid and a pinch of citric acid crystals and/or a dishwasher tab), these pins may also be used dry.

The individual pins are approx. 7 mm in length and 1 mm thick.

The results speak for themselves. Brass comes out gleaming like new. On small centrefire cases such as 223 Rem, you may find some of the pins lodge themselves in primer pockets. Please be aware of this when inspecting your brass.

Run the pins for a few hours on their own to begin with. This removes any rough coating and readies the pins for action.

Please note: these pins have only one aim in life other than cleaning stuff and that is to escape. Be vigilant and use one of our magnets to reacquire them. Rather that than find them late at night with your bare feet!


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