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GLOP muzzle-loader lube
https://youtu.be/YQ4krOPDr-E GLOP is a specially designed fouling softener for muzzle-loaders tha..
Ex VAT: £7.91
50/50 alox/beeswax bullet lube
Specially imported from America, this is the traditional 50/50 lube recipe and an old favourite with..
Ex VAT: £5.63
Ex VAT: £0.00
JDX cast lead balls
Our own label cast balls for muzzle loaders. Sold in bags of 100. ..
Ex VAT: £0.00
Blue moly ceresin bullet lube (SLOW)
SLOW - for bullets flying at 800-1200 fps. A clean wax lube which stays in the grooves, will not ..
Ex VAT: £5.25
Ceramic tumbling media
An alternative to the stainless steel pins, which some reloaders prefer, is ceramic cleaning media. ..
Ex VAT: £10.63
Purple ceresin bullet lube (MEDIUM)
MEDIUM - for bullets flying at 1000-1800 fps. A clean wax lube which stays in the grooves, will n..
Ex VAT: £5.63
Walnut husk tumbling media (plain) 5 kg
Granulated walnut husk in untreated form, for use in vibratory case tumblers. This proiduct has t..
Ex VAT: £10.82
Red ceresin bullet lube (FAST)
FAST - for bullets flying at 1600 fps or above. A clean wax lube which stays in the grooves, will..
Ex VAT: £5.96
Gator gas checks
Gator gas checks are independent American-made checks and they are excellent! Gator gas checks co..
Ex VAT: £21.10
Tin (Sn) 1/2 kilo 99% pure
Tin - 99% pure. Used in casting to enhance flow properties in a melt and ensure sharp, clear bullet ..
Ex VAT: £25.00
Lead/antimony (Pb/Sb) 80/20 bars 1 kg
Ready alloyed 80/20 lead/antimony bars for hardening your bullet melt. At over 1000 degrees F (68..
Ex VAT: £20.83
Lyman No. 2 casting alloy 1 kg
One kilo of our own Lyman No. 2 casting alloy, consisting of the traditional 90% lead, 5% tin and 5%..
Ex VAT: £10.00
Stainless steel pin media 1 kg
These smaller bags weigh just over two pounds (or 1 kg), and can be used to top up missing pins for ..
Ex VAT: £29.17
Stainless steel pin media 2.2 kg (5 lb)
These five pound (2.2 kg) bags of stainless steel pin media are ideal for use with the Rebel 17 tumb..
Ex VAT: £62.50